Residents of Washington, D.C., neighborhoods such as Kalorama and Massachusetts Avenue Heights, which are popular with political operatives, ambassadors and well-heeled presidential appointees, are accustomed to sightings of Secret Service and high-level security on their streets. For the most part, their presence isn’t bothersome, said Coe Magruder, an investor who recently sold his home on Woodland Drive, about 3 miles from the White House.

But when a prominent official lives in a high-rise condominium, their presence can have a greater impact on the lives of their neighbors.

In the days following the Nov. 4 election, residents of the Westlight condo complex in the district’s West End, where Vice President Kamala Harris owns an apartment, received notice from building management of ramped up security at the complex. Among the changes:

Before entering the garage, residents would need to turn off their vehicles and allow a K9 to make a sweep around it.

A tent would be set up next to the garage entrance to serve as shelter for Secret Service agents in the case of inclement weather.

• All packages delivered by USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL would be swept by the K9 before being brought into the building.

• There would always be more than one agent in the lobby.

• Concrete barricades would be placed around the intersection outside the building.

A representative for the building’s developer didn’t respond to a request for comment on how long the measures remained in place or whether they were still ongoing.

Vice President Harris, who paid about $1.775 million for her apartment at the building in 2017, is widely expected to move to the U.S. Naval Observatory, the vice president’s official residence after the inauguration. A spokeswoman for the Vice President didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on whether she would list her Westlight unit.

The building, designed by Enrique Norten of TEN Arquitectos in Mexico City, has a distinctive cantilevered glass facade and a heated rooftop swimming pool.



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