YBN Almighty Jay’s Alleged Attackers Appear Flex Stolen Chain In Music Video

 A new video from Zae Numbafive appears to include the rapper's chain.

A new video from Zae Numbafive appears to include the rapper’s chain.

YBN Almighty Jay was the victim of a brutal beating this past weekend which left him chainless. The rapper was jumped in New York City by a flock of angry individuals who clearly had it out for Jay.

It’s unsure what their motive was exactly for jumping the rapper but the attack did prompt J Prince to intervene. Although the Rap-A-Lot OG called for all of his connects in New York to come forward with information on the perpetrators, no one’s stepped up. However, it looks like the chain robbers did manage to flex the chain in an upcoming music video.


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If you’re posting a stolen chain on Instagram or including it in your own music video, you’re snitching on yourself.

Zae Numbafive, the man J Prince accused of robbing YBN Almighty Jay, teased a new music video on Instagram yesterday which included the YBN rapper’s chain. In another post teasing the music video for his single, “Industry,”Zae Numbafive called out the YBN crew as well as rising rapper Lil Tjay, saying, “YBN TO MY DICK. MUSIC VIDEO DROP SOON @liltjay YOU PUSSY TOO SMD.”

Clearly, the inclusion of the chain is meant to send a message out to YBN Almighty Jay and possibly J Prince as well. However, TMZ reports that Zae Numbafive has denied any involvement in YBN Almighty Jay’s robbery.


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