Billie Eilish Drops “WHEN WE All FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”

Billie Eilish Looking psych-interesting.

Billie Eilish Looking psych-interesting.

Trending upcoming music star Billie Eilish drops her long awaited album “WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”.

Billie Eilish Looking psych-interesting takes on an ominous and haunting appeal. What may would expect from a 17 year old is much more marure than what is shown here.  “I don’t think I really tried hard to have my sound,” Eilish recent told NPR. “So I think that’s why it happened. I think when you don’t try super hard, things just tend to happen faster.”

Below is a list of her tracks, listen and let us know what you think.

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