YG Joins Bryce Vine On “La La Land”

Bryce Vine and YG link up on "La La Land."

Bryce Vine and YG link up on “La La Land.”

Bryce Vine‘s been grinding hard over the years but fans are still waiting on his debut album, Carnival. His single “Drew Berrymore” caught a lot of buzz throughout 2018 which later got a remix with an additional verse from Wale. However, it looks like 2019 is the year we’ll be getting his debut album. As he builds the anticipation for his, he links up with YG for his new single.

Bryce Vine links up with YG for his latest single, “La La Land.” The rapper’s latest single is a laid-back anthem about California which makes YG’s appearance on the track necessary. Vine delivers a guitar-based track with a melodious flow. The beat switches up once YG’s verse comes through with bouncy 808s kicking through the guitar sound.

Keep your eyes peeled for more new music from Bryce Vine and keep your eyes peeled for his project Carnival.

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