Chance The Rapper Teases New Album


Chance The Rapper Teases New Album

Chance The Rapper teases new album.

It’s been three years since Chance the Rapper dropped his last full-length solo project, Coloring Book.

Released in May 2016, Coloring Book was a success, which cemented Chance’s status in rap’s upper echelon.

Chance the Rapper teased his upcoming LP on social media in February, sharing an Instagram video to his account in response to constant fan requests about the status of the project.

Also just recently Chance and Supa Bwe released a track ”Rememory

Potential features may include Kanye West and Childish Gambino.


In an interview Chance enlisted Kanye West for his own seven-track album. But in no way does this confirm that Kanye is actually featured on or has crafted a beat for the latest version of Chance’s solo project.

In the same conversation with Open Late, Chance also teased a side project with Childish Gambino, revealing, “We’ve got six songs that are all fire, but I think the album is going to be more than 14 songs.”





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