Drake Tapped Lil Wayne, Kanye West & More On “So Far Gone”

Drake's "So Far Gone" started it all.

Drake’s “So Far Gone” started it all.

It’s always a red letter day when a classic “mixtape” arrives on Streaming services. After all, the mixtape era of 2008-2012 has yielded no shortage of classics tapes, including Drizzy’s own seminal drop So Far Gone. 

With appearances from Lil WayneBun BOmarion, Lykke Li, and a haunting instrumental from Kanye West, Drizzy’s So Far Gone will likely go down as an integral chapter in his career. Perhaps not the strongest chapter of his discography, but arguably the most important. Should you be curious in deconstructing the Drake mythology from head to toe, look no further. Ten years later, how has this one evolved?Nowadays, the man might be able to snap his fingers and change the CN Tower’s visual aesthetic.  Yet it wasn’t always the case.On So Far Gone, Drake seemed to be finessing his style, dabbling in the melancholy romance that would come to define his sound. Appealing to both fellas and ladies alike, Drizzy’s everyman relatability and lavish lifestyle formed a juxtaposition that never felt unrealistic.

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