Eric Bellinger Tags Chris Brown & OG Parker For “Type A Way”

Eric Bellinger and Chris Brown achieve peak "wingman" status.

Type A Way

Eric Bellinger Feat. Chris Brown & OG Parker

Eric Bellinger and Chris Brown achieve peak “wingman” status.

On “Type A Way,” Eric Bellinger makes his intentions clear from the jump. Speaking to a potential love interest, Bellinger vows to “turn her to a fiend,” “make her scream,” and “call him zaddy.” Coming on strong is an understatement, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Chris Brown comes through for the second verse, holding with down with his signature sense of confident swagger. His effort here is no exception. “She gon’ make it disappear with the lights on, know my batting average, lay down on my mattress,” sings Brown. “I’m a pro, don’t need the practice.” All the while, OG Parker showcases his versatility, holding it down with a crisp, pop-friendly backdrop.

Lookout for Rebirth 2, set to arrive tomorrow.

Stream “Type A Way”  ft Chris Brown & OG Parker



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