IDK Fires Shots At Logic On “Trigger Happy”

IDK accuses Logic of trying to stop his bag on "Trigger Happy."

IDK accuses Logic of trying to stop his bag on “Trigger Happy.”

IDK has been consistently putting in work for a minute, a leader of the new school in his own right. Creative, charismatic, and technically sound, the Maryland-ass rapper has come through with a new banger called “Trigger Happy.”

In the second verse, IDK presents an interesting bit of insight, accusing the ever-affable Logic of trying to stop his bag.

“Logic and his manager tried to ruin my deal, I guess that’s what happens when you tell a n***a who spent his whole career pulling that he’s black that he ain’t black still,” reflects IDK.

He proceeds to make it known it’s not a diss, already acknowledging that Logic will likely ignore the shots. Still, he’s not about to be fazed by any slight, evoking 50 Cent‘s infamous “Back Down” as an affirmation of brash confidence.

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