Juice WRLD Spits Bars On Hypnotic “10 Feet”

Juice WRLD is flowing on this "Death Race" standout.

Juice WRLD is flowing on this “Death Race” standout.

Last night, Chicago-born rapper Juice WRLD dropped off his anticipated Death Race For Love album.

Twenty-two songs deep, the project acts as a worthy showcase of his musicality. While many gravitated toward his melodic take on emo, which has been given a hip-hop makeover in this time of ours, Juice is no stranger to the art of flow. On standout “10 Feet,” the young rapper gets a chance to flex the chops, taking to a hypnotic Daniel Caeser sample.

Off the bat, Juice weaves together some impressive multis, spitting “acidic, a bunch of bad habits with bad magic, can’t disappear and re-appear in the same sentence, I’m bad at it, the Mad Hatter, the Perc packer.”

As the song progresses, Juice continues his lyrical barrage, sounding effortless in the process. That’s not to say he’s barring his way to the upper echelon, but the fact that he can get down in this fashion speaks to his potential.

Longevity is of utmost importance, and the fact that he can rap at such a level speaks to his potential future direction. If you’re looking for a track to segue yourself into the labyrinthian Death Race For Love, look no further.

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