Offset & J. Cole Reflect On “How Did I Get Here”

Offset's "Father Of 4" opens with some heavy reflection.

How Did I Get Here

Offset Feat. J. Cole

Offset’s “Father Of 4” opens with some heavy reflection.

Offset’s “Father Of 4” opens with some heavy reflection. We were expecting to hear Offset‘s solo debut in December but life happened, pushing back the album a few months. Finally, it arrives on the first competitive release day of the year, going up against new efforts from Lil Pump and Gunna. Father Of 4 sees the Migos rapper looking back at how he got to where he is today, writing love letters to his kids and pouring his heart out.

Much like the title suggests, Offset rewinds to where he came from on “How Did I Get Here.” Asking himself how he got out of the jungle without a single scratch, the artist paints a vivid image of his personal story.

Going through prison scenes, shootouts and more, Offset lets the listeners into his mind 100%. J. Cole comes in at the end of the cut, harmonizing with his main line and bouncing off of what Set started. What do you think of this unexpected collaboration?

We were warned that the project would be extremely personal and the way it starts out with “Father Of 4” and “How Did I Get Here” tells the story of Offset’s life well. The second track to appear on the tracklist features J. Cole and it’s a banger.


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