Skooly Pops Out With Latest Track “Lil Boy Shit”

Skooly returns to the schoolyard with "Lil Boy Shit."

Skooly returns to the schoolyard with “Lil Boy Shit.”

Skooly doesn’t always receive the credit he’s due for helping innovate the smooth falsetto rapping style popular in his Native Atlanta, much less anywhere else it’s been co-opted. But that’s not about to stop Skooly dead in his tracks, for there’s money to be made, and singles to be pressed, regardless of whether those reciprocal gains ever come back to him.

On his latest single “Lil Boy Shit,” Skooly finds innumerable ways to comment on his fit, or his drip as he’d rather call it. Skooly boasts about having the type of drip that’ll put the opps on notice, of no concern to him at all – because as he says in the song’s chorus: all the opps “done got washed up” once he dealt with them.

Skooly’s signature style is little over a decade old the last I checked, and if “Lil Boy Shit” is any indication, the ATL sanger-rapper has a lot left to give, now that his Rich Kidz outfit is dead in the water. He and Jose Guapo are bound to some other prophecy now. Hit us with your thoughts down below.

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