Listen to Phoebe Green’s single, Dreaming Of

Stream Phoebe Green ''Dreaming of''

Stream Phoebe Green ”Dreaming of”

Dreaming Of is an indie-pop song that reflects on the disappointment one experiences when something they once desired or dreamed of does not live up to expectations. In this case, it is the letdown of a romantic relationship.

The song depicts Green’s genuine and gritty style of making music. She opens the song against a thundering drumbeat, wasting no time in bringing her regretful feelings to the surface as she sings ‘I don’t want to compromise myself for you’. The song’s instrumental melody then reaches a swell, creating an uplifting contrast to the song’s bittersweet tone.

Despite the woefulness accompanying the artist’s disappointment, this is not a song about sadness. Rather, the message is empowering, the artist choosing not to compromise any part of herself for the sake of her relationship.

Listen to Dreaming Of below.

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