Stormzy Makes It Very Clear That Even In Round 2, He’s “Still Disappointed.”

Stream Stormzy ''Still Disappointed''

Stream Stormzy ”Still Disappointed”

Following the feud between British rapper, singer and songwriter Stormzy and his fellow Grime Wiley, the two have been on each other’s tail for some time.

Dating back to Stormzy’s 1st diss track, ”Disappointed”. Stormzy hits at Wiley hard dragging members of his family to the light especially his Mom ”Why you like to talk about mums so much/ Where’s yours?,”

Also Wiley not  backing down came through with “Eediyat Skengman 2,” also getting personal in the diss track.

Hopefully the feud will be over soon between the two Grimes and don’t leave without listening to ”Still Disappointed” below.

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