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Watch Summer Walker & Bryson Tiller “Playing Games” Video

David Blake- 09/10/2019

Watch "Playing Games" video Just four days ago Summer Walker released her ''Over It'' album and today she comes through with the official video for ... Read More

H.E.R Debuts Her 19 Track Album “I Used To Know Her”

Nina Gonzalez- 30/08/2019

Stream H.E.R "I Used To Know Her" The Grammy Award-winning artist has continued to keep fans waiting with a follow-up project. Laced with 19 tracks ... Read More

Jack Jarlow Calls On Bryson Tiller To Walk ”Thru The Night”

David Blake- 22/08/2019

Stream ''Thru The Night'' Assisted by fellow Louisville native Bryson Tiller, the two Kentucky kids find themselves skating around. Jack Harlow is still buzzing off the ... Read More