50 Cent Shares Sweet Memories And Good Moments With Youngest Son Sire: “This Guy Is Part Two”


The rapper took a break from trolling other celebrities.

The rapper took a break from trolling other celebrities.

Media mogul 50 Cent may come across as being a little rough around the edges, but the rapper melts like butter when it comes to his son, Sire Jackson. Just last September, 50 and Sire’s mother, Daphne Joy, threw the six-year-old a Plants Vs. Zombies-themed birthday party, and when it comes to spoiling his mini-me, the proud father doesn’t spare a cent.

In staunched contrast, 50 Cent shared a couple of photos of himself and his son Sire on the Gram, and it’s good to see him enjoying daddy duties. “This guy is part two, his personality, he’s already better than me. I just got a few things to teach him,” Fifty wrote while sharing a laugh with his adorable baby boy.

The G-Unit rapper/actor then shared a video of himself and Sire browsing the internet together. “We’re looking at stuff online. LOL,” he wrote. Perhaps he is teaching young Jackson the art of internet trolling, or maybe they were just watching some cartoons. The bottom line is 50 is enjoying daddy duties at least until he gets back down to trashing his enemies on the Gram.

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