Rita Ora Drops Her Video “Only Want You” Ft. 6LACK

The singer struggles with celebrity life in the visual.

The singer struggles with celebrity life in the visual.

Rita Ora deals with the frustrations of fame in her latest music video for the remix of her single, “Only Want You” featuring 6LACK.

The British songbird features the original version of the track on her sophomore effort, Phoenix, that was released in 2018. In this visual, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, Rita decides to cool off inside of diner after having a tense phone call with a friend about lies being spread about her in the press.

Soon, the paparazzi swarm in, forcing a waitress to help run the frantic Ora out of the back door. Ora also plays the part of the overworked waitress who later watches the original Ora perform in a dark lounge. Did you follow all of that?

In November 2018, Ora told Nylon that she named her album Phoenix because she felt as if she was rising from the ashes. “I technically feel like I’m starting from the beginning,” Ora said at the time. “I wanted this album to really represent the great rebirth of me coming into my own as a 27-year-old woman.”

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