Young Thug Confesses His Love For His Eldest Son

Young Thug shows love to his YSL kin Lil Keed.

Young Thug shows love to his YSL kin Lil Keed.

The YSL Records camp is extremely tight-knit, featuring a few of Young Thug‘s favorite rappers out of Atlanta and the artist himself.

He has been grooming a few names for hip-hop superstardom, including the blood brothers Lil Gotit and Lil Keed.

While Keed may not be the biggest name in the world yet, he has released a few tapes and singles that have worked in his benefit. He is buzzing hard in Atlanta and people are starting to take notice.

Thugger enjoys the mentorship relationship advantages their relationship brings which brings out the father, son Relationship

Young Thug continues to encourage his son as he rises in rank in the rap industry. With his guidance perhaps he also will become a suprstar someday.



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